The Switchback Food Truck Park is up and running for summer. The convenience of hitting up your favorite food trucks without driving all over town is something I think everyone can appreciate. It's nice to have a place to chill and eat your food truck goodies instead of having to drive all the way home or eat uncomfortably in your car. I don't think anyone eats in their car unless they have to. It's also dog friendly, so your fur companion can stretch out his paws while you stuff your face.

Longoria Game Truck is joining the action hosting a Super Smash Bros. Tournament over the next few weeks, calling it "The Switchback Showdown." The Game Truck will host several Smash Bros. tournaments across the Treasure Valley, but this first league will start June 17th at the Switchback. It's a round robin style tournament that will occur over the course of a few weeks and you can get all the details on their Instagram. And of course there will be prizes for the winners.

Personally, I'm kind of awesome at Super Smash Bros., so I've got a tip for anyone trying to get in on the tournament action. Kirby is an underrated character but can really do some damage 'cause he can assume other characters' smash abilities if he sucks them into his mouth. So the key is getting good at using Kirby's suction against the other players. Don't worry, I'm not going to enter the tournament because it gives me anxiety to be watched by others. But I might show up and cheer everyone on while I snack on some ice cream from The Stil, which will be out there for the opening of the tournament. Good luck!

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