Have you ever taken a picture and looked at it afterward and thought, "whoops!  How did that thing get in there?"

New photos have been released for the upcoming Dowton Abbey season, and there was one that didn't turn out like the show had hoped.  Or maybe they left a random object in the photo because they knew it would go viral if they did.  If so, that was pretty genius!

In the era that Dowton Abbey is set, they wouldn't have had plastic water bottles sitting around.  But one of the press pictures released this week has an unexpected water bottle sitting on the mantle.  Whoops!

But as Eonline! points out (click there to see the actual photo), maybe it provides a clue about one of the characters in the upcoming season.  Like they're thirsty?  Most likely, a crew member left the water bottle on the mantle during the photo shoot and the photographer didn't catch it before the picture was snapped.

Water bottle aside, we're looking forward to the new season!  It starts in January 2015.

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