For many of us, Idaho Power is responsible for keeping our homes cool during these hot summer months.  Now, they're also helping us stay safe from fires in our cars.  How?

By warning about the dangers of what might be a totally unknown danger for most us.  Leaving a clear plastic water bottle in our cars.  That's right, the water bottle you carry to keep your body safe from the heat, could present a hazard by being left in your car.

Idaho Power has posted a video to their Facebook page that demonstrates the danger of leaving plastic water bottles in the car during warm weather.

This incident was just a science experiment, but the original experience was a real-life scenario for an Idaho Power technician featured in the video.

The water bottle can act like a magnifying glass and focus the sun on to a surface like the seats of the truck, and can quickly start a fire.  The recommendation from Idaho Power and public safety sources alike is simple.  If you have a water bottle in the car, make sure you keep it out of the sunlight, and definitely not on a seat.

This story has been picked up by a number of sources across the country, including

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