Soup, Ramen, Noodles, something hot and something carby. This afternoon's storm made me hungry for some soup. Where should I get it?

My fiancé Stacy and I have a tradition of getting ramen on nights when it rains. And after having salty ramen, we always get ice cream. So traditionally, rainy days = ramen and ice cream for us. Tonight I just want some soup. It could be ramen, it could be chicken noodle soup, who's got the best?

I really love Fujiyama on Fairview; they've got sushi, ramen, the works. You can always get in and get a seat real quick and they serve up some incredible food pretty quickly. Who else has good ramen? I'm also always down for a classic chicken noodle. I love Black Bear Diner's chicken noodle and I can eat Panera's any day of the week, what about a cool local spot?

One of my favorite soups that Stacy cooks here at home is a white chicken chili. It's so tasty, so hearty and if you have a cold, or if you are cold, this will warm you right up and make you feel really good. If you don't usually cook from scratch, this may be a fun soup/chili to start with. I really feel like cooking from scratch makes food taste better because you can see all the individual ingredients as they come together to make delicious. Check out this recipe and in under an hour you'll have a tasty treat great for the winter.

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