I had a roommate who ate my 21st birthday cake. Just decided to live in the moment and go for it. I was so mad that here, at 33, I still think about it. But that doesn't hold a candle to this guy...

Maybe you went to Boise State and lived in the dorms, or maybe you just shared an apartment with a stranger for a time. Maybe you had a best friend who became a roommate and you realized they were awful people to live with.

We've definitely had our time here in the states to learn about the people we live with during quarantine, but this guy in Australia is really over his roomie. His roommate was apparently having sex so LOUD (and apparently for so long) that he left his place during total lockdown, despite the risk of getting a fine for being out in public, which he did. A $1200 fine for leaving the house. He tried explaining to the cops the reason why and they told him rules are rules. Doesn't matter how much or loud your roommate makes love in the other room, you gotta learn to live with it!

I'd be on Facebook the NEXT DAY begging for someone new to move in with! Have a roommate story? Share it with Moug & Angie mornings on Facebook or through the Mix 106 mobile app!

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