There’s an abundance of perfect Christmas trees out there in Idaho’s national forests! But before you go choppin away you’ll need to know somethings.

I’ve never had a real tree for Christmas. One day I will though so I was curious to how it works, especially if you going out nature to find the tree. If you yourself are looking to have a real one in you room, here’s what you need to know about how to get one.

The big thing right away is that you will need to purchase permits from the BLM at either their Owyhee field office or Four Rivers field office if you want to cut the tree yourself from a forest. Permits are $10 and the limit is 3 trees maximum. Any species may be cut and the maximum tree height of 20 feet.

The Boise and Payette National forests is one of the places you can go to find your tree in the wild. The Victory Christmas tree farm is another option that will help cut the tree for you. Broadway Christmas Tree is the the best place to go if you’re looking for a pre-cut tree.

After the season, you’ll want to dispose of your tree properly. In most areas in Boise Christmas trees are collected from curbside by BFI/Allied Waste during the first week of January. Just make sure you remove all the ornaments and lights from the tree and only dispose of the tree itself.

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