It's the dress that took over the world.  You saw it, but did you know the whole story behind the dress?  Where did it come from? Why did it become a big deal? Ellen DeGeneres knows.

Ellen had the people behind that dress photo on her show.  This whole crazy thing started innocently enough when a Scottish couple named Grace MacPhee and Keir Johnson decided to get married.  Grace's mom was trying to pick out something for the wedding, and sent Grace the photo of the blue and black dress.  But they immediately disagreed on the colors in the photo and that's when things started to get cra-cra.

Grace's mom thought the dress looked blue and black, which it is in real life.  Grace thought it was white and gold, but her fiance saw it as blue and black too.  They started showing the picture around, and after weeks of arguing, one of their friends posted it on Tumblr, where it went viral.

I love Ellen because she gave Grace and Kier a honeymoon in Grenada and $10,000.  She also gave them all Ellen underwear that's half blue and black, half white and gold.

Now you know the rest of the story, so can we once and for all stop talking about it and posting the damn picture.