If you're a crazy animal lover like Savannah and I it's not abnormal to order extra food to bring home for our two rescue dogs Koda and Gypsy. Every time we go to Costco we always check to see if they have new dog toys in and purchase them without hesitation. It's just something we do as we consider our dogs to be part of our family.

Just like most animal owners we have had to replace items around the house due to bad behavior like a throw pillow on the couch... or the whole entire couch (yes, that happened). While we have paid thousands of dollars in veterinary bills (especially with Gypsy battling heart-worms) I don't consider that an extravagant thing because that is just keeping our pets healthy.

Now recently, Savannah got new dog tags for our animals but bought them online and while they are very nice and a portion of the proceeds raised help other dogs in need I don't think they deserve an over $20 price tag per animal. So please, tell me the most extravagant thing you have done for your pets so I quit stressing about $50 dog tags for my two dogs. :)

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