Small towns have advantages that big cities don't, and this is your chance to brag on that.

What do you love about small towns?  You can see the stars at night, your favorite restaurant knows what you want to eat, and you've known everyone there since they were babies.  (Okay, maybe some advantages are slight disadvantages too.)

I get the greatness of small towns.  My hometown in Nebraska was population 723 and had one stoplight, three churches, and a bar.  It was always quiet except when the high school football team was playing on Friday nights, and it was a super friendly little spot in the middle of cornfield-ville..  My parents lived in the country and the stars at night were brighter than any I have ever seen.  The pool of eligible bachelors could have used a little work for single gals, but my grandparents were married for 45 years got along just fine.

What can you add to these great things about small towns?

What else?

Even if we gravitate toward pavement and fancy restaurants at some point in our lives, there is still much to appreciate about places that don't mind a slower pace and less traffic.

Idaho has some great little towns, and they might be worth a cross-state road trip and a few Facebook pictures. Then the next time we pass through, the restaurants will know exactly what we want to order.

  • 1

    It's safe.

    You feel comfortable not locking your doors at night and the kids can walk to a friend's house without being supervised.  In theory anyway.  Mama ain't never gonna leave the doors unlocked.

  • 2

    You've known everyone there since they were babies.

    It's not hard to reconnect with childhood friends or classmates, even if you go without seeing them for several years.  Anyone else feel a little awkward about that, especially if you've changed a ton over the years?  Yup.  Me too.

  • 3

    Everything is cheap.

    It costs less to go out to dinner for sure, and it may cost less at the grocery store.  Salaries are probably lower too.

  • 4

    You have a huge support system.

    If you need someone to fix a faucet or trap a mouse, your odds of getting help in a small town are probably better than they are in the city.  When something bad happens, you know those folks will come to your rescue.