Back when I was single and dating, my go-to was Yardhouse. Here's why, if I was single and dating now, my go-to would be Tucano's Brazilian Grill.

Instead, I'm married and I get to stuff my face there without any worry in the world... There are obviously many awesome first date restaurants here in the Treasure Valley but it's a fine line you have to straddle; you don't want to go to casual, but not too fancy, but you want to have a wide selection to choose from cause you don't want your date, or yourself for that matter, to struggle to find something they like.

Tucano's off of Overland Road is the perfect date night option because it's right in the middle of fancy but not TOO fancy. They bring a variety of meats so you can try a little bit of everything... Don't like lamb? Don't have it, there's plenty of chicken for you. They have an awesome salad bar and all the delicious sides you could ask for. Plus, the way it's set up, you have to occasionally get up and go get some sides; this is a fantastic opportunity to text your friend to request a bail out call or to tell them how hot the person you're with is and how excited you are about the date.

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I like restaurants that are a little louder and more upbeat and not a quite, awkward snooze fest and Tucano's handles this particularly well. There's music, people talking, it's jovial and a comfortable environment to enjoy yourself in for a first date. Plus, the food is amazing... That's my recommendation, what's yours? Reach out through the Mix 106 app!


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