I know my favorite coffee chain is The Human Bean (because they have frozen hot chocolate) and thankfully they have locations all over the Treasure Valley. But what's the best local coffee shop?

Seriously, The Human Bean wins because they have those little candy beans that come with all the drinks AND because they have frozen hot chocolate. And this is not just a chocolate smoothie, it's HOT CHOCOLATE flavored, but cold and wonderful.

And look, I'm down with Starbucks. I'd suggest a generous percentage of paycheck goes to them and their damn APP! I love the fraps, the iced coffee and the ham and cheese breakfast croissant.

But what about the best local coffee spots in the Treasure Valley? That's always the most fun when you walk into one and they have a bunch of character. Ya know?

Hyde Perk is amazing, but I'm naturally a fan of ANYTHING in Hyde Park; Goody's for ice cream and shakes, the antique shops, all of it.

I also like the coffee AND the vibes at Push and Pour in Garden City. What are your favorite local coffee spots?

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