I looked out the window of the studio prior to the show and felt somewhat guilty. We have some beautiful weather outside in Boise as Spring is trying to push the way in. I'll warm up my Jeep after my show and breeze home.

The guilt part was knowing that my entire family lives in Houston, Texas. The frozen over heartland is without power right now and things aren't looking good. Houston, we've got a serious problem.

I left home at 20 to go after a dream to work on the radio one day. If that meant looking for radio on a Navy Aircraft Carrier, I would take that chance. I've really never looked back as radio did well for me on the USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Sacramento. That is how I ended up in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, I've had to watch tragedy from across the country. This is no different.

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I spoke to my sister today who is at home with kids and there is nowhere to go. The city is shut down and they live out in the "sticks" as she said today. "This 30-degree weather isn't fun and that wind chill, no thank you." She has lights and water.

It was to both of my mothers in which I only reached one. Both are okay, but it's hit or miss with electricity, and the water pipes broke. She lives in an apartment and the other neighbors are with the family. My mom is doing the best she can with what she has. We talked while the city turned on the electricity. The only problem is nobody knows when it will go out. Can you imagine?

Take note of this video going viral. This guy is having a drink and skiing down the Interstate. Just to put things in perspective, it doesn't snow in Houston. There is no plan for something that isn't supposed to happen as you can see. I would play beach volleyball after school at Galveston beach and that sand is covered by snow right now.

I've been texting with my other mom and cousins. Everyone has their own struggle and we're just hoping that a new winter storm doesn't come. I've sat back in the past and watched a city-run after Hurricane Katrina with no place to go. It's been scary witnessing terrible hurricanes come through hoping everyone makes it. It's very scary to watch it all play out in the news knowing you have zero control over the outcome. You can't just fly into Texas and pick everyone up. The airports are shut down, roads are locked down and stores are empty. Don't forget about the pandemic.

I'm praying that everyone is surrounded by other family and friends because things don't look good from here in Boise. People joke about the panic over some little cold temperatures but it's far more serious than we might think. I feel like my family is safe as long as the state can get this grid issue fixed.

Please say a prayer for all our friends in the Treasure Valley with far-away families in these dangerous parts of the country. They say that over 75% of the country is covered in snow right now. Think about that. Trust me when I say not every city is equipped to handle that type of situation.

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