What will the new normal be? Will we all work from home? Will we all have a weird obsession with hand sanitizer? Will we give someone the stink eye when they cough or sneeze?

I seriously think that there will be a lot of people that develop some sort of compulsion over the use of hand sanitizers and constant hand washing. I'm trying to be careful that it doesn't become too much of a habit myself because while we do want to keep the germs away from us as much as possible, we also don't want to destroy our skin, and hand sanitizer can do just that if used in large quantities.

I also wonder... Is it better for individuals and the environment to work from home? Less toxic encounters at work and it's certainly better for the environment, and your wallet when you use less gas.

It'll certainly change the way we socialize. If people work from home for too long, it'll be easier to contend with people over email or video chat than people do in person, and then when people start seeing each other in person again it may be a little awkward.

Lastly, I don't know about you, but at this point... I feel really self-conscious any time I sneeze or cough in this new world we're living in, and I don't have any sort of cold. Yesterday I went to pick up food and I felt a sneeze coming on and I told myself "nope", and rubbed my nose for a second so the tickle would go away. When this is all said and done, are we going to get the stink eye from someone every time we clear our throat? It'll be interesting to see.

Though there will be some negatives, I expect some positives to come from this as well; a cleaner environment, cleaner homes, more sanitary precautions practiced by everyone. Might as well try and look for the silver linings, right?

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