And where was it? Here in the Treasure Valley? Ryan Reynolds just served up an 84 year old woman her first legal drink... Because she was a leap day baby born in 1936.

Of course her first drink was his very own Aviation Gin. Check the hilarious video below.

I remember my first legal drink...  My birthday is September 16th so on September 15th, at around 11 pm, me and my friend Mike went to this locals casino in Las Vegas called "Texas Station". Mike was a year younger than me but he went and hung out in the food court or something.

Anyway, I went over to a blackjack table right at midnight, yes they ID'd me, yes I was excited to show them I was finally 21, and then it took what seemed like FOREVER for the cocktail waitress to come by. Finally she did, and I didn't really know what to order so I got a long island iced tea.

I quickly got bored though cause my friend was waiting in the food court and I was 21, I didn't have any money to be gambling so I think I was home by 1 am.

That weekend, however, I went out with my other grown up friends. Y'know the ones I worked with at the radio station who had been around the block a few times and I had the more appropriate 21st birthday rager you'd expect from a kid who grew up in sin city.

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