I never even tried a taco or burrito until I was 16. I didn't eat real Mexican food till I was in college. Reddit.com recently compiled a list of things that people learned at a late age.  What is something you learned at an embarrassingly late age?

gpointstudio, Thinkstock
gpointstudio, Thinkstock

Here are a few highlights from the article:

"That the little piggy who went to market wasn't going shopping for groceries. Last year it hit me. that poor little pig was about to get butchered.... I'm 28.

It's called "metal" music because it's harder than rock.

I re-named a goldfish "rainbow" when I was 7 because it kept changing color every few months. I told friends about this fish for years like it was some mystical kaleidoscope fish. It hit me in the face a couple months ago that the fish wasn't changing color...my parents were just replacing it when it died without telling me.

Until I was 17 I thought the term "getting knocked up" just meant having sex. As a guy, this was an awkward thing to constantly wish upon myself.. ("man, I wish Sarah would knock me up... like really good.")

Somehow the conversation of superhero names came up with my girlfriend (29) the other day, and she mentioned Wolverine being named after wolves. I kinda looked at her and said "Wolverine was named after wolverines." She stared back blankly. One google images search later and I had taught a biology major about a new animal."

Can you top these?  Check out a bunch more by clicking on the link below


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