My mother would smoke out Carne Asada in the smoker all day when I would come to visit. The fajitas she would make I've never been able to taste anywhere else. That was the best of the best, ever.

Today is National Fajita day and a perfect excuse to go out or order in something tasty. You have your national spots and local places hosting this holiday. That's funny, I just referred to it as a holiday.

You can add every food type and my number one comes back to Mexican food without nothing close. I remember growing up and going out to these places. Cooking wasn't in my dad's playlist, to say the least. We went out all the time. I remember when my sister came to visit me when I was in Memphis and she was pissed when the waiter didn't know what queso was. I can still hear her, "Wait, this is a Mexican Restaurant, isn't it? You don't have Queso? You don't even know what it is?" That was an embarrassing moment but we grew up starting meals on Queso and Salsa.

Specials for National Fajitas Day? I wanted to write this article even though it's day of because it's never too late for some great Mexican food. I'm going to give you my favorites that are local and national.

Chilis - This is not a Mexican Restaurant by far but they have your steamy Fajitas and something for everyone else. I mean, it's Chilis 🌶They have a special today Mix & Match Fajitas for $10.99 that includes a few of your choice. Grab a margarita while you have a moment because it doesn't get any better.

  • Carnitas Fajitas
  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Steak Fajitas
  • Shrimp Fajitas

Jalapeńo's Bar & Grill - I love this restaurant and the owners. I remember years ago doing 7 Marathons in 7 Days for a child abuse prevention campaign (Live for 175) and running by the Nampa location. They put something special on their signs when I came by, brought staff including family to support me, and love seeing this family every time I'm in. They now have locations in Nampa, Boise on Broadway, and by the Best Buy in Boise. Local. Local. Local.

Enriques in Kuna - You must make this a stop sooner or later because I love this place too. Kuna is exploding with growth and Enriques has become a staple already. It's Summer so grab some Fajitas, sit on the patio with drinks and watch Idahoans float by. Love this spot!

Basilios Taco Food Truck in Boise - I'm going to shout them out because the food is stellar and it's my neighborhood little spot up by Lake Hazel and Five Mile. Warning you now, it's always busy but it's local and some of the best food truck has to offer when it comes to Mexican Food.

My wife and I love to visit El Gallo Giro by Edwards in Boise with our family. The Matador is so good and that's where I would go with friends. You start with a nice Tequila twist and roll out! I hope this helps and several got left out. I was out this weekend and saw so many new places small local spots. Love that.


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