Are you like me and lose sunglasses easy? Well I just learned that those cheap shades I am buying are not good for eyes and actually could be causing harm to my eyes.

So my first question was do I have to spend hundreds of dollars on sunglasses for good protection? I lose them too easy to do that but I want to protect my eyes. Did those cute sunglasses I just saw have UV protection? 20 year old Charene would have not even asked that just bought them cause they are cute. Now we live in a time when looking cute is just what everyone wants. Not all sunglasses are created equal and me now I look for good UV protection, protection from glare and intense light.

So the answer is no you don't have to spend a ton of money on sunglasses but you do need to check exactly what they do and know what you are looking for. Even some expensive brands don't offer that much protection opposed.

The brand I recently have got into is 'Blenders' they offer UV 400  which is the highest level of protection that sunglasses can have. They are under $50 too and look awesome on anyone I have seen wear them!

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