This is a good question and sometimes it's easier answered for someone else that you are close with. What is one thing you won't budge on?

There is always one thing... what is that for you? It's something you are just adiminate about? We had some great answers yesterday on social media and are looking for more. For me it is crappy coffee, I just won't budge. I would rather be late to work waiting for a latte then drink crappy coffee.

Some good answers on my instagram story were:

I won't budge on:

  • Bad BBQ
  • Bad Flowers for someone, I literally go to multiple stores
  • Cheap Tools
  • Cheap Toilet Paper
  • Over cooked steak

What is one thing you just WON'T budge on?  Some other good answers were living in an apartment and flights. Most people have at least one thing that they are not going to budge on, could be a deal breaker in a relationship.

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