If you told me that 2020 would end with something called Elf on the Shelf I would laugh saying, "shocker!"

Well, this family tradition began back in 2004 as a brilliant Ideas that Santa had, or let's give that credit to Mrs. Claus. Send Elves to random houses across the world to keep an eye on those naughty and nice kids. Brilliant. This year might be a great time because you have the quarantined Elf scenario.

You could maybe call this year's Elf on the Shelf a lazy holiday tradition in 2020 thanks to the pandemic. I mean, that Elf needs to be quarantined and masked up if you want to play it safe. Let's be honest because we don't know who he or she has been around okay! Plus, it's a less stressful time helping Santa find places to maneuver your special spy this Christmas. Before you tell me how crazy that is it's not my idea. Take this up with the moms across the globe.

This woman has Elf's life for a mom dialed into perfection. Elf can't really move around for 14 days and that could begin this weekend. That really only puts a few day's pressure on the Elf to get creative.

Or, use this model for the new time out for kids.

Just think if the kids wanted to get in trouble so you could quarantine THEM!

Elf on the Shelf: This Elf comes in many versions like boys to girls that include a laundry list of props. Made at the North Pole obviously. Parents use the Elf to watch on kids from different locations leading up to Christmas so Santa can keep an eye on them.

This Elf leaves in the dark of night to tell Santa whether you were good for the day. I sure hope everyone has been good or the special Elf might not come back. There's also no limit on creativity with these Elves.

By the way, I hear there is an Elf on the Shelf display at Walmart. Good luck with these little quarantined friends.

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