There's a guy in Texas who has been saving pennies since 1952 and finally cashed them in.

You'll never guess how much cash he got for this lifetime of pennies.

Not a whole lot!  Can you imagine what the bank tellers must have thought when they saw him coming with 81,600 pennies?  Hopefully they tossed them in one of those auto-counters to add them all up, or they would have been there all week.  The pile of pennies weighed 500 pounds.

Ira Keys walked away with $816 after he was done turning in his pennies.  He's 81 year's old now, and started keeping pennies at the suggestion of his father, who said, "whatever you do, save your money."

I hope he didn't have any really rare pennies in that collection.  Some pennies like the old "wheat pennies" can be worth $10 or more each.  What if he had about 10-thousand of those and didn't know it?  Oh, I'm sure that wasn't the case Ira.  Sorry to bring that up.  Congrats on the eight hundred bucks!

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