The United States is made up of some really weird and bizarre laws. Some so bizzare they'll make you wonder what had to have happened for them to become laws in the first place. Most of these strange laws were constructed a long time ago when times were, well, different. I dug up some of the weirdest laws here in Idaho.

1. Cannibalism is illegal (except in extreme circumstances) -  I hope none of you are ever in a position where cannibalism is your only option for survival. According to the Idaho Legislature you can only be exempt from punishment "under extreme life-threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival." It is interesting to note that Idaho is the only state with active ban on cannibalism while I assume it's illegal in every other state.

3. Throwing snowballs - Yes, technically Section 2A of ordinance 639 states, “It shall be unlawful for any person within the city limits of Rexburg, Idaho, to willfully or carelessly throw any stone, stick, snowball, egg, bomb, missile, or other substance whereby any person is hit or any window broken or any property injured or destroyed.” However it since been clarified that the intent of this ordinance is stop people from being injured and property harmed.

4. Not smiling is illegal - In 1948 Pocatello, Idaho, became known as the "U.S. Smile Capital” after the mayor passed "The Smile Ordinance" making it illegal not to smile. The ordinance was originally passed as joke however the law has never been changed or removed.

5. "Idaho Deluxe" potatoes are regulated - Title 22, Chapter 9 of Idaho Statues states specifics of what can and cannot be classified as an Idaho Deluxe potato. Any potato that is rotted, has blemishes or sun damage that is sold as an "Idaho Deluxe" is punishable for up to 6 months in jail.

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