You ever hear or see something so ridiculous, upsetting, or even amazing that you say "That should be against the law!"? Apparently lawmakers took statements like that quite literally as they wrote up what can and can't be done in Idaho. If cops get real bored could we start getting busted for these strange laws? In any case, they're hilarious and these are my favorite ones:

Unless you're a dog, it is illegal for you to live in a kennel or dog house Insert joke about putting your man in the dog house. I guess that would still be ok though since it's usually more of a motel for the night situation. I like to think some disgruntled wife really sent her man to stay in the dog house and a cop buddy of his took the news to the higher ups until this law was passed. Hope he got a divorce.

You cannot ride a merry-go-round on a Sunday Talk about fun police! I know Sundays are a day of rest, but a merry-go-round can be very relaxing! Some hater probably got dizzy riding one after church and got all Karen about it until it was outlawed.

Public displays of affection must not exceed 18 minutes Can't be mad at this one. I wonder if the 18 minute mark was when an innocent bystander went from gagging to actually vomiting? I'm no prude, but if you're making out for that long, odds are you want it to move into a direction that should definitely happen in private. And arguably that might also last 18 minutes.

No fishing off the back of a camel or a giraffe What kind of disaster ensued that this law came about? Sounds like something a kid would make up. "I was on a giraffe and I was on a camel, and we were fishing, and I was standing on the camel..."

Men can not gift a box of chocolates weighing less than 50lbs I'm sorry, did I come up with this while I was PMSing? This one deserves to be reinforced, in my opinion. Valentine's Day will be here in a couple months and these guys need to know what's up!

Excuse me while I write up some ridiculous laws of my own to submit to the legislature.


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