This meteorologist didn't just research the jet stream and highs and lows to put his weather forecast together this week.  He got creative and crammed a ton of Taylor Swift lyrics in there too.

Why?  Not, "cuz."  There was a method to his madness.  

This guy is in Washington DC, and Taylor Swift played a show there on Monday night - the same night that the forecast aired.  He was just hopping on board with the buzz.

One of the Youtube comments said, "This is literally the most amazing thing I have seen in my life."  Really!  Perhaps she's never been to Niagra Falls or seen a child being born.  But ok, this is pretty cool.

Taylor notices everything that happens online, and gave him a shout-out on Twitter. She tweeted before hitting the stage, “Never change, Mike the weather man. Never change. #1989TourWashingtonDC.”

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