As we've spent a calm weekend in the Treasure Valley, if you've turned on the vt or watched your phone, no doubt you've seen the unreal damage in Texas. 

The impact of Hurricane Harvey hasn't even been fully realized yet, and at least a couple more days of rain showers, the flooding, especially in Houston will continue.  So will the damage and destruction.

It can be so hard when we're as far away as we are to feel like we can help in any tangible way.  In truth, most of us default to wanting to give "things," yet time and again, we hear the most effective way to help is to donate money.  Qualified relief organizations always have networks where they can make money go further than we can.

As I looked around at a number of ways to help, The American Red Cross once again stands out as an agency already on the ground in Houston (and throughout Texas) and equipped to help.

Now, I know there are differing opinions about The Red Cross, but I donated my $10.00 by texting "harvey" to 90999.  Can I encourage you to do that too?  Imagine the difference that could be made if we each did $10.00.

You can also check out their website, HERE.

Thanks for considering it.

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