Sorry stoners. Although it would make for great memorabilia, there's no 420 HWY mile marker sign here in Idaho for you to steal; I've tired. LOL kidding.

There aren't many highways longer than 400 miles in Idaho anyway. The only mile marker sign that was replaced by the Idaho Transportation Department was the one along U.S. Highway 95 with “MILE 419.9," just south of Coeur d’Alene back in 2015.

Idaho actually followed suit of Colorado and Washington. For years, marijuana enthusiasts and pranksters have been stealing 420 mile marker signs for their own amusement. These states grew tired of having to constantly replace highway signage, so their respective transportation departments decided to remove 420 mile posts altogether.

Unlike Colorado and Washington, Idaho isn't 420-friendly as it is. If you ask me, Idaho will probably be the LAST state to ever legalize marijuana considering all the efforts working against it at the statehouse.

Nonetheless, this hasn't stopped the sign-stealing thieves in the Gem State. The Idaho Transportation Department was quick to put an end to the foolery without it going on for too long. The Spokesman originally reported, that after just a couple of 420 highway signs were stolen in 2015, they decided to make the change and officially replace the one with MILE 419.9 instead.

Mile markers aren't just there for aesthetics. They are crucial to first responders who use them locate crashes and other emergencies which is why transportation departments put so much work into replacing them.

According to the Washington Post, there are only 11 mile markers in the country that still read 420, three of which are in Texas.

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