The flooding continues across the city of Boise. It seems like no matter where you go the waters continue to rise. 

Not only is the Boise River moving at an extremely dangerous pace, the waters that seep from it are starting to reach some pretty unorthodox locations and are really starting to hamper this great weather we are having. The forecast for the next few days calls for temps in the high 70's and could even reach the 80s' and family trips to the Greenbelt have been halted. Now a popular destination for families with children will see more water and less kiddo's thanks to the overflowing status of the Boise River. It just really feels like its not going to stop or slow down anytime soon.

Ann Morrison
Ann Morrison Park

The playground at Ann Morrison Park is not yet closed, but is seeing some massive water flows that is keeping the kids at bay.  The director of the Boise Parks and Recreation has released a statement on the issue and has said that he has seen so many "trouble" spots with in the park that he is encouraging visitors to stay away from. How long will the water continue to rise, well we just don't know quite yet. What we do know is how much it looks like it will cost once the water stops coming and there is a chance to begin clean up. BP&R have set aside a cool $1.2 million dollars to tidy up.

It's spectacular to see footage from high above and the massiveness of the flooding. Take a look.

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