I have been known for traveling a good distance with a short amount of time if it involves fly fishing. This trip was just a weekend turn and burn but was a fun and easier trip then one might expect.

I traveled north of t he treasure valley about 5 1/2 hours, to even more smoke but some big fish. It was very smokey especially the day we left. This location is in the eastern part of Washington and isn't exactly where you would assume there would be some big fish but due to fish hatcheries and a spring creek, that is the case.

It was hot mid 90's or hotter, snakes and bugs rolling around. It was dusty and hot where we camped but if you got down to where the creek was it cooled down and was bearable. Lots of mosquito and a reminder to be wearing that spray through the rest of the summer and early fall.

This is all right in Moses lake basically! Check it out and enjoy the area. Their fair was going on this weekend. Seemed like they were having fun.

Washington Fly Fishing

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