Parents of teenagers might want to be aware of the latest stupid thing kids are doing. First, there was eating Tide Pods, but that is so 2017. The new trend that's making a comeback, involves doing something that can be extremely dangerous then, recording it and posting it on social media so all their friends can watch.

This isn't a new trend, but it's, unfortunately, making a comeback. The latest dumb thing teens are apparently doing is snorting condoms through the nose, then reaching into their throat and pulling it out of their mouth. (YUCK!)

Doctors are warning that this can be extremely dangerous and cause the condom to get stuck in the airway and cause suffocation.

Whatever happened to tipping cows for dangerous fun? I know I'm not a millennial or a generation Z'er, but these challenges are just plain dumb because of how dangerous they are, just to get attention on social media.

Parents be aware, while condom use is encouraged, condom use for snorting is not.

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