There's no doubt, it's election time and politics are front-and-center all around the country and the Treasure Valley is no exception.  As of today, early voting has started in both Ada and Canyon County. 

This opportunity allows registered voters in both counties to cast their ballots early for the 2020 Presidential Primary election.  This window begins today and runs through March 6th.

Voters who choose to take part in early voting will have to do so at a select few locations.

For Ada County voters, those include Boise City Hall, Meridian City Hall, Ada County Election Headquarters, or the "mobile voting unit" that will be visiting numerous locations.

The mobile voting unit is scheduled to be at the following locations:

  • 2/24 - Bronco Stadium Plaza
  • 2/25 - Micron
  • 2/26 - Kuna City Hall
  • 2/27 - Eagle City Hall
  • 2/28 - Eagle City Hall
  • 3/2 - Star Library
  • 3/3 - Garden City Library
  • 3/4 - St. Alphonsus
  • 3/5 - Blue Cross of Idaho
  • 3/6 - Fred Meyer on Chinden

Canyon County voters can stop by the Canyon County Election Headquarters office to early vote.

If you would like to check out the ballot ahead of actually going to cast your vote, Ada County Elections has provided a preview HERE

The actual Primary Election for both Democrats and Republicans will happen on March 10th, 2020.


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