Boise knows that Trader Joe's is one of those smallish, unique grocery stores that has a pretty huge and loyal fan base.  Those who love Trader Joe's reeaaally love Trader Joe's.

If you're on board with it and the Boise location is too far out of the way when you get the urge to stock up on onion salt and chocolate filled crepes, you're in luck.  We might end up with another Trader Joe's here if we just ask them to build one.

The company is listening.  Not every store asks us what we think before they build, and instead they usually just plop down a store in high-traffic areas, or in spots that they think will be convenient for us.

Trader Joe's is taking a different approach by putting out a Location Request page on their website and letting us beg for a location in Nampa or Eagle or Meridian, or wherever you live.  It might be great near the Boise State campus, so ask away, students. We'll meet you there for some Mango Sticky Rice Spring Rolls.

If you've ever wandered through Trader Joe's, you know they've got tons of snacks that are uniquely their own.  Stuff you can't find anywhere else.  Like their own brand of flavored almonds.  And pretzels, peanut butter granola, coconut chunks, chocolate-filled crepes, and all sorts of other potentially addictive things.  And if you're looking for the next big thing to dunk in your chili during football games this fall, the sweet and salty Cornbread Crisps might make you forget all about the Seahawks' losses.  And your pants size.

If we end up with another Trader Joe's store in the Treasure Valley, we'll credit the power of the web. And you and your friends.

As they say on their website, "There are no guarantees, but being wanted matters to us."  So, if ya want 'em, ask 'em!  Click HERE to bring Trader Joe's to your neighborhood.

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