The best bacon burger in Idaho exists right here in Boise, according to one website, and while we sit here and argue about that, we have to ask -- Who do you think has the best all-around burger?  Boise Fry Company?  Tell us! says Big Jud's serves up the best bacon burger in all of Idaho.  They looked at Yelp reviews to come up with the best of the best, and several Yelp reviewers went nuts over the Super Bacon Burger that has the added bonus of ham.  Why stop with one pork product when you can have two.  Oh and one of the burgers at Big Jud's was featured on the TV show Man versus Food, and that's got bacon, Swiss and blue cheese, and mushrooms on each layer.  That one would probably do in a pinch too.

Where do you think we should go to experience a burger that's worthy of bragging rights? Let us know, so we can get the summer burger tour started already.

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