Well in true Charene the Adventure Queen fashion I am taking off for my Birthday on another crazy excursion.

I am visiting the Jackson Hole area and doing some fly fishing for a day or so then heading to the South Fork of the Snake river. I have been near the area years ago but never been in the area for very long. It says it's about 5 1/2 hours to where I am going, not bad but a bit of a drive. The Teton Mountains are amazing and I have seen them from a-far, and actually have spent a lot of time in Wyoming but just not in this area in particular.

I know the antler arch is famous, where else is cool to check out? Obviously the ski resort isn't open for skiing but they have a ton of summer attractions too. They have some really cool beer over there, I was gifted a beer from Jackson Hole it was a Snake River can if I remember correctly.

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