TikTok is FULL of life hacks. From home improvement to personal budgeting, TikTok has it all. Personally, I love all the skincare tips and tricks you can pick up on there. Making its round on the internet right now is the most Idaho-Inspired way to cure an acne breakout - and it actually works!

It all started after user @sierrastyless posted a video claiming that potato slices could minimize the size of her pimple. After removing the potato slice from her face, the zit was practically gone by the morning! Pretty soon everyone on TikTok was trying this DIY trend and actually having success clearing up breakouts. Who knew potatoes could serve such a purpose?

Now, is this beauty hack dermatologist-approved is the question. Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky revealed to Ipsy.com that the starches in potatoes “are anti-inflammatory and can soothe irritated skin. They also contain vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent and treat dark spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation.”

Other beauty benefits of potatoes include:

  • They can reduce oil and brighten skin.
  • They can soothe irritated skin.
  • They target inflammation.
  • They stabilize blood sugar levels and promote a healthy gut.
  • They can promote healthy skin.

Although it is important to understand that potatoes are not the ultimate solution for curing the root of acne. But if you have a pimple pop up here or there - go for it. Just make sure you choose a freshly washed, organic potato with no sprouting so you aren't putting any other potential toxins on your skin.

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