I saw this today and immediately started laughing. The government is deciding whether or not to allow Americans to download and use TikTok. I guess no more silly, digital karaoke for you!

Seriously, we're going to ban TikTok? I grabbed my own TikTok user when it first came out and haven't used it once. Then all of a sudden it became a thing and now everyone is on it. Well, that could change.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told everyone this week that the United States could ban these Chinese social media apps which include, TikTok. Pompeo said to go right ahead and download the TikTok app if,

"if you want your private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party."

Then by all means go ahead and download it says one of Washington's top diplomats. That's almost like saying go ahead and date that communist hot spy guy if you want. Was that a good example ladies? Let me stick to the facts. The United States is currently heading into some troubled water you could say with China and that might be why you see their apps in question by our government.

I can't see this happening because everyone has our personal information if they want it. Do you even pay attention to how many things grab your information on a daily basis? I've watched enough to know our personal information is up for grabs.

We'll keep you posted but there is a possibility that TikTok could be hanging on by a thread.


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