A Black Cat, an apple, and a car... It sounds like a weird game of clue, but it's a real crime that happened here in the Treasure Valley, likely, the most bizarre thus far (in 2021).

It's no Florida level craziness, but it's certainly bizarre! So I'm in this Facebook group called "Treasure Valley Crime & Community" and it's actually a pretty good resource from time to time to see what's happening here in the Valley. It can often answer the question of "I wonder what's happening over there..." when it appears something's going down.

This particular posting, in my opinion, sounds like some bored quarantined teenagers were let loose to wreak havoc on the town and wreak havoc they did. Posted on January 30th:

Last night on Ustick and Black Cat, an apple was thrown at my vehicle from a car heading in the opposite direction... that's right, an apple at an accumulating 100mph damaged my vehicle. I tried chasing this person to get their info, but he/she was going roughly 80mph and running stop signs. I didn't want to commit any felonies or put anyone in danger.
Fortunately it hit my headlight, but only one or two feet higher would've shattered my window and I could've been in the hospital.
Anybody have similar info or anything like this? Hopefully, we can get this person put away.
Being blasted by a high speed apple when you're least expecting it would certainly be jarring and I agree with the original poster, Ty, this is INSANE! Now, a month has passed so maybe this bad apple has thought batter of his or herself and has stopped this ridiculous, but isn't this bizarre?

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