Only Heroes Have iPhones
This is great news cause I have a friend who is total iPhone hater, and often suggests that people who use iPhones are dumb. Well guess what... When you watch a movie, any movie, the villain won't ever have an iPhone. Here's why.
Best Birthday Surprise or Worst?
You've been wanting a new Apple iwatch for your birthday and you really think that's what your getting from your wife till you open up the gift and find this instead.  Are you upset or happy?  Believe it or not this guy was super happy...but I bet he still wants an iwatch!
This Is Not How To Treat Your New iPhone
The iPhone 6 went on sale today and the media was there to capture the exact moment! The first guy to buy one was so excited to be the first and to be on TV that he forgot to hold onto the phone. Woops! Check out his 2 seconds of pure joy before his phone takes a dive bomb to the cement.

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