When it comes to Valentine's Day and gifts, there are certain No Nos...like buying a  stripper pole and sticking it in the middle of the bedroom as a gift for your wife or


waiting at home naked while your wife surprising you with a visit from her mom. Or in my case buying your wife a candle ring when she really wants an anniversary ring (it's a long story that eventually was to lead to a new anniversary ring)


The lesson to be learned I think is that we should have more of a sense of humor about Valentine's day and we'll have more fun and less unmet expectations.  I had this commercial about bad gifts show up on my feed and it had me chuckling all day, so I thought I's share it.

This company is known for their hilarious commercials, but this may be the funniest one yet...and I just had to share, so here is my Valentine's Day gift to you.


P.S. NEVER EVER EVER EVER give your wife this gift for Valentine's Day...or any other day for that matter.

Tomorrow we want you to share you're Valentine's Day fail stories.  post below or on our Facebook page or you can email mikeandnicole@mix106radio.com




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