A former high school basketball player at Mountain View in Meridian has gone on to big success in college.  She's a star player for one of the top five college teams in the country right now, and she's one to watch during March Madness.

Destiny Slocum was one of the top recruits in the country when she was in high school, and she has gained even more attention at the college level.  This girl does not feel pressure!  She just gets it done at Maryland, and she's so much fun to watch.  Did you watch her play yesterday against Michigan State on ESPN?  I did.  She may be a freshman, but she is a team leader that's kicking but for one of the top teams in the country.

Destiny's 13 assists broke a program freshman single-game record against Illinois. And her season total for assists for far is #3 all-time for assists by a freshman at Maryland.  She's all about the team. Unselfish and awesome, and on track to break a freshman 3-point record too.

Maryland is consistently good, and is usually one of those teams that has a shot at the NCAA Final Four.  And wouldn't that be cool if this former Treasure Valley player makes it all the way to that even bigger stage?  We'll be watching and hoping for Destiny's sake. But girl, you've already done us proud.

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