The amount of calls and text messages made to the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline is on the rise. It’s not only for people who may feel suicidal, but for anyone that needs some emotional support.

This will put it in perspective. In October, the hotline received just three text messages. In January, there were 70 text messages!

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the surge comes from, but the director of the program believes two things might be factors. The election and winter weather.

Election Day was a high call volume day for them and the winter weather caused a lot of stress. People couldn’t get out of their driveways, they couldn’t get to work, and overall it was dangerous to drive. Winter weather can cause a seasonal depression called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

If you or someone you know is in need of help,  call or text 208-398-HELP (4357).

The Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline is there 24/7 for anyone who needs help. If you call, someone is always on the other end.

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