I feel like people more now then ever are trying to find unique and other ways to take a traditional holiday and spice it up a bit or maybe you don't have an easter basket, well here are some ideas.

  1. Umbrella, it is perfect when turned upside down to hold all kinds of goodies including all the eggs they are going to find.
  2. Backpack, used or new. Can make a great gift and dual as an egg holder.
  3. Beachtowl noodle basket, a water noodle and beach towel is all you need. more details here.
  4. Lunch box, this is another dual gift one. Can reuse the cooler/lunchbox and also use it as the easter basket and to get the eggs.

Of course many places on the internet and stores hold unique ways to celebrate every holiday or make sure with what we have to celebrate.


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