Going to Ulta is one of my guilty pleasures. As I mom, I don't go to great lengths to do my makeup every single day, but I love browsing the professional products and trying out new brands of cosmetics and hair care products. Ulta also has their own brand of makeup, brushes, etc. which I totally love and they now have two convenient locations in the Treasure Valley. However, this beauty retailer has recently come under a lot of fire after ex-employees accused the store of repackaging products.

The original accusation came from Twitter user @fatinamxo, a former employee of Ulta (location unknown), who claimed that her store managers instructed employees to repackage and reseal damaged and used items so they could be sold. She also claims that employees were taught to clean the items and make them look new again. She says she has reached out to the company's corporate office regarding the matter.

Since her post on Twitter there have been tons of inquiries and Ulta has been quick to reply and calm the waters. One of their tweets read "All products that are damaged, used, expired or otherwise unsalable are disposed of in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. We do not condone the selling of used makeup and value the safety and health of all our guests."

As an Ulta customer, I sincerely hope that these accusations are false or that the company has taken serious measures to prevent the sale of used cosmetics in the future. I have personally never experienced an issue with any of the products I've bought at a Treasure Valley Ulta location.

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