This will probably be the best video you see all week as we watch U.S. Army Soldiers marching to the famous song for kids "Baby Shark".

Hope Segoine who lives right here in Boise recorded the hit song 4 years ago. And by now it has gained over 2.7 billion views on YouTube. The soldiers did a great job recreating the song and deserve their 5 seconds of fame with their vocal ability :) and the fact that they are protecting our country.

Check this out:

Here is the original song just in case you want to have it stuck in your head for another few weeks.

I would love to know who was able to capture the video fo the soldiers singing 'Baby Shark'. Also curious if this is a song that is used often, or was this a special occasion. It's very cool to think how a clever young girl can make such a world wide impact from a simple song.

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