I remember writing in this diary on August 3, 2001 the day I left Colorado. I was moving to Idaho. I was starting a job on Monday August 6, 2001 on a morning show with a guy who had blonde highlights. My plan was to move to Boise (make sure to say Boy-C not Boy-Z!) and stay for two years.

New Years Eve 2002 - Mike, Tracy and me!

I would build up my resume and then move on to a bigger radio market like Austin, Chicago or Atlanta then after that I was off to New York or LA. The first year was a little rough. I moved here with 400 shoes and a broken heart. Then one year into it, Mike and I were offered a job across the street at MIX 106 (the station I listened to when I was not at my job at the radio station that hired me). My entire life changed with that job offer!

I felt right at home on Mix 106! I took a huge step and signed a contract longer than a year! Mike and I signed a 5 year deal with Mix 106. My two year plan was changing. Then Mike and his real estate agent wife, Tracy some how convinced me to buy a home! That is a huge commitment. I always thought I would get a home when I got a husband. Good thing I didn't wait on that one!

So here I am in Boise, Idaho where I didn't plan on staying with a 5 year deal in front of me and starter home on Skid Row waiting. O...and the most important thing that happened to me in that first year....GUNNER!! He was born March 6, 2001. So I got the job, the house, the dog and amazing chemistry with a co-host who has blonde highlights. Okay I thought, I'll stay through this first contract. Well I didn't even need to wait that long. Within 6 months of working at Mix 106 and moving into my home with Gunny I knew I was never leaving Idaho! I decided I wanted quality of life over quantity of market size and I would make Boise (Boy-C) my home.

Here I am 12 years later, on the same show, same co-host at the same radio station! That is unheard of in radio land!!! 12 years ago as I was driving my white Jetta west on 1-80 through Wyoming I never, ever in a million years would have dreamed this would be my life. And all I can say is THANK YOU GOD for taking my wildest dreams, multiplying them by 100 and giving me this amazing life!! I am beyond blessed and still have to pinch myself sometimes.

The other THANK YOU goes to you! Thank you so much for being a Mix 106 listener, whether you just started listening this morning or have been listening since August 6, 2001 when it all started...THANK YOU! We would not be here today if it was not for you! I am forever grateful!