I recently tried to use some amazing local juices as a supplement for a couple meals a day. I think it helped in ways but I need to be more consistent.

I know I was recently talking about the Intermittent fasting but I just don't think my body is a type that is able to do that, I feel as if I go on lows or my blood sugars need boosting, possibly a borderline diabetic but then again they say most people are right?

I want to cut most sugars out of my diet but I crave them and can get headaches at times when I go without. I know that is just part of the withdrawl. Juices can have a lot of natural sugars, sometimes those are hard to avoid especially if you are trying to use them as supplements for meals.

I am going to try this again this week and see how I do. It wasn't for the "human garbage can" AKA me, not to eat all day long. I will report back if this subtle juice addition and taking away of meals helps in the long run.



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