Hopefully you have heard that many school locations are handing out FREE school breakfast and lunch for kids aged 1 to 18. Are you taking advantage of this, or is your pride getting in the way. If pride is keeping you out of the line, it shouldn't. 

I haven't been taking advantage of the FREE school breakfast and lunch amidst the COVID-9 pandemic because honestly I have felt like I could afford to make them simple things at home and I wanted to save those meals for those who truly couldn't afford it. My ex-husband has continually pushed me to take advantage of the services, but my pride kept getting in the way.

Finally, my sister got to me the other day when she explained that those meals are for everyone, not just those who are financially in need of them. She works for a school district in Southern Utah where they are offering up the same deal, so I trust her.

The offering says that the breakfast/lunch combo will be offered from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., so last Friday I took my kids to grab lunch, but found nothing at Meridian Middle School. After doing some digging, I discovered that it is only while supplies last, and since we were there towards the end of the window, I suppose they had run out that day.

We ended up at Burger King on Friday, which is also offering up a great deal right now. If an adult purchases a meal, you get two kids meals for free through their mobile app. The kids were happy, but we are going to try getting to a school location earlier today.

Confused where to go? Here are the locations in West Ada where you can grab FREE lunch for your kids through drive up along the bus lanes.

  • Meridian Middle School
  • Meridian High School
  • Lewis and Clark Middle
  • Frontier Elementary
  • Chief Joseph Elementary
  • Spalding Elementary
  • Renaissance High School
  • Ustick Elementary
  • Deseret Sage Elementary
  • Peregrine Elementary
  • McMillan Elementary
  • Barbara Morgan Elementary
  • Mary McPherson Elementary
  • Chaparral Elementary

Keep in mind that children must be present and according to an article at idahonews.com it is $5 if you want a combo for yourself or another adult or non-present child.

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