I LOVE Taco Tuesday, in fact, I participate most weeks. This week, we get FREE tacos on Taco Tuesday because one company feels like we deserve something nice right now. Here's where to go!

Taco Bell is hooking customers up with free tacos for Taco Tuesday, tomorrow, March 31st. No purchase is even necessary, just show up to the drive through, tell them you want your free Doritos Locos Tacos and they'll hook you up!

It's fun to see some good that's coming from all this craziness; like companies providing free food, people being so charitable, there is a bit of kindness we're feeling that maybe hasn't been present for a while.

I saw someone joke that while it's nice that Taco Bell is doing free tacos tomorrow, the timing is a little odd considering a lot of Americans are lacking toilet paper right now. Fair assessment.

Lucky for all of us, there are a ton of Taco Bell locations in the Treasure Valley that are ready to serve up free tacos tomorrow. Fast food restaurants are on the "essential businesses" list, thankfully, along with grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations. Even liquor stores are good to go!

Enjoy your Taco Tuesday!


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