Though the county it resides within has an even shorter name, Idaho's city with the shortest name is right here in the Treasure Valley. reported on each of the United States' states city with the shortest name. Interestingly, there are no cities in the United States that are spelled with fewer than three letters. Just to the south of us in Nevada, the city with the shortest name is "Ely" with three letters. "Ely" is also the city with the fewest letters in Minnesota. What's crazier than all this, to me, is that in Vermont, the city with the shortest name is Ludlow, which has six letters in it, making my wonder why every town in Vermont must have long, complicated names if this is the shortest?! But I digress...

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Here in the Idaho, the Treasure Valley's own "Kuna" has the fewest letters of any city in the state with just four. Oddly enough, Kuna resides in the Idaho County with the fewest letters as well; Ada. Kuna is such a cool little town, so unique in the Treasure Valley with endless growth potential. Home to the legendary Kuna caves, the Kuna Cavemen and so much more. It's likely the Treasure Valley city with the best cost of living and whether they needed the honor or not, they're the Idaho City with the shortest name and that's something they should be proud of. Who wants to spend 18 minutes writing out a return address on an envelope? It's already bad enough we have to scroll nearly half way down when we're picking "Idaho" on a state tab online. Congrats, Kuna!

April fools! There are others.


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