You might think you've found the perfect hiding spot to visit your secret lover, but you can always expose your devious ways unintentionally like this guy did...

Maybe you have a special spot somewhere along the greenbelt where you can sneak away with your secret person, maybe it's at one of our many parks, maybe you sneak into the Kuna caves. Whatever the case, even if you have a great hideaway spot, if you are as careless as this guy was, you'll get caught!

Sydney Kinsch posted this video to TikTok:

Her boyfriend took a selfie while driving down the road to send to her, and apparently, perhaps because he was driving he didn't take much time to look at the photo and really consider whether or not it was appropriate to send to his girlfriend. In the reflection of his sunglasses, you could clearly see a woman's legs up in the car, probably a little too comfortable.

Well as it turns out, Sydney found out that her boyfriend was a serial cheater. He apparently had cheated upwards of five times. Safe to say that's a wrap on that relationship so hey, fellas, if you're monogamous, there's a newly single lady on TikTok who's likely interested in someone who doesn't cheat. Or she's not, maybe she just wants to be single for a little while, don't be rude.

Bottom line is, if you're going to cheat, watch out for reflections when you take selfies to prove to your significant other you're not cheating. So sunglasses, mirrors, windows, etc.

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