Unfortunately, no matter how many times you tell people to not drink and drive there will always be a few that want to push their luck. With the biggest football game of the season this past weekend it's always an invitation for some people to make some unintelligent decisions. While the majority of people in the Treasure Valley understand how dangerous it is to drink and drive there were multiple people that were caught Driving Under The Influence this past Sunday evening and into Monday morning.

After checking the lists of people arrested there seems to have been 7 DUI's within Ada and Canyon County. Here is a list of the 7 people arrested, their age, and what Police Department placed them under arrest.

Erin Hussey - 23 - Boise Police Department

Courtney Lynn Thomas - 27 - Meridian Police Department

Kyle Wayne Youra - 27 - Boise City Police

Ortny Sengthavisouk - 32 Boise City Police

Gerald Todd Lainhart - 43 - Meridian Police Department

Nicholas Sotirios Chimonas - 29 - Boise Police Department

Ester Lopez Ibarra (No information listed taken to Canyon County Jail)

Please always remember there is never a reason to drink and drive. There is Lyft, Uber, taxi's, and a million other ways to get home without putting you or someone else at risk.

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