Let's just say it's never a bad time to order up a great margarita. I remember going to the Cafe óle in downtown Boise. That place has been closed for years but sat diagonal to PF Changs. Some of the best margaritas I've ever had were made there.

Today's National Margarita day and we have far more choices than ever! Let's call attention to some favorites with the understanding that anytime is the right time for tasty margaritas.

I will run through a local list of places you might enjoy, national spots that have specials, and some of the best ways to make a yummy margarita from home.

Photo by: Jordan Nix/Unsplash
Photo by: Jordan Nix/Unsplash

Chili's Grill & Bar: I would visit a cousin who was a bartender and fell in love with their margaritas. I realize it's a national brand, but it's all about those margarita machines? They have margarita machines that are always running regular and strawberry flavors. Today they host $3 house margaritas, $5 Presidente including $7 premium margaritas. The $5 taste of the month is called, "Grand Romance." They also have a to-go option (didn't know that existed)

Enriques in Kuna: This is my hometown spot and I love everyone at Enriques. I haven't been in too much during the pandemic but had the team in-studio during National Guacamole Day. This is family-run, sits on the river, and is known for the tequila. You can have your own bottle on the stand in a very special tequila case. True story.

They open at 3 PM with these Margarita Specials.

  • Hornitos Tequila Margaritas ($4)
  • El Jimador Tequila Margaritas ($4)
  • House Lime Margaritas ($5)

Jose Cuervo: This is a fun Margarita contest called #ThanksTodd Sweepstakes,

The Matador: Doesn't get much better than The Matador. This is the official Tequila standard with so many I don't have the space to list them all. A great margarita has the best Tequila and that makes The Matador #1. They also have some great Mexican food.

Jalapeños Bar and Grill: I love sisters of Jalapeños who have grown their business and locations. This is that one place where you feel at home when you walk in. Margaritas just go with the territory.

El Tenampa in Nampa, Boise, and Meridian: They love Margaritas so much it's a Wednesday holiday each week for $2.99. El Tenampa gets 4/5 star reviews on Tripadvisor and it's just a must for Mexican food. They boast about their Margaritas.

I left off a few because there are so many. You can add Barbacoa to that mix especially when it gets warm. Sit on that patio with a nice margarita is a great way to begin a weekend.

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